A better way to manage all your project data.

Intelligent project collaboration and control.

Powerful modules combine to create adaptable construction management software supporting every facet of your operations, from managing tenders and contracts, to capturing work hours and data in the field. It’s the easier way to manage all your project data in a single program.

Project Management Software. Improve efficiency, reduce costs and communicate effortlessly.


Upgrade your project management to the cloud.

Because iTWOcx is fully accessible via the cloud, you can always access the data you need wherever you are, through any device- a must for project management as items are constantly being updated. Rest assured your data is kept secure through stringent data securities processes.

Industry solutions.

iTWOcx is a powerful project management tool with broad application across the construction and property industries.

Here’s just some of our Happy Clients.


"It was always a challenge getting all the documents from our clients for every single project and distributing them to the right recipients. Also once the document was distributed, keep on track to know who actually received the document and monitor the progress. Data size was always an issue. It is hard to send 100MB via Email. We compared a lot of systems when we were thinking to implement a project management system. This is the most technically advanced and most capable system out in the market to achieve fast and easy sharing of correspondence or documents, and at the same time is very simple to use."

Jane Simpson, Finance & Systems Manager

Indec Consulting

"As a portfolio manager working with 2500 users, trying to get consistency across our user base was very challenging. One of the more important reasons for us choosing iTWOcx was the adaptability of the system; we were searching for a program that could be moulded in essentially 12 different ways to meet our needs. iTWOcx was great in terms of its flexibility, and instrumental in driving our understanding of what processes needed to be incorporated and how they might work. "

James Westacott, Managing Consultant

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