Innovative, easy-to-use solutions specifically designed for the construction industry

Our solutions make cooperation transparent and streamline workflows:
all the way from the original idea to the commissioning of your construction project.


Our solutions contain a range of applications that support the processes throughout all phases of construction. The solutions provide transparency in the transition from one phase to the next, so our clients can anticipate and address the challenges, which lie within and across all phases of construction.

Our staff are the most proficient in the industry. Working on countless projects every year and with more than 100,000 clients throughout the world, we have accumulated experience and knowledge of best practice in our industry, ensuring that our clients always have an optimal solution attuned to their specific needs.

We always present our clients with a solution, which is easy and quick to implement. This yields effective results and short payback time on your investment. Our clients come back, because our solutions help them save time, reduce risk, minimise waste and adhere to budgets.

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Any time, any place

Get easy and quick access to RIB – wherever and whenever you want. If you are at the construction site, for example, you have direct access to all the project’s contact persons, latest drawings and minutes from meetings.

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Our API's

We believe in integration and solutions, which are integrated into your processes and your systems. That is why we provide a variety of API's, which we deploy in integration with other systems for our clients, to support their needs as successfully as possible.


Our open API is a standard API, which allow queries according to predefined data, and ensures data exchange between your solution in the cloud and your internal systems.


- Delegated R&D

- Maximisation of data/traffic for your own systems

- Integrated solutions

Our partner API ensures that specific information from your solution with us gets delivered to you under the agreed conditions.


- Business-supportive solution

- Maximisation of data capture

Our private API ensures integration between the client’s solution with us and a 3rd party’s solution: e.g. ERP, accounting programmes, model databases etc.


- Business improvement solution

- End-to-end solution between cloud and on-premise

- Integration between business parties/client

- High data flexibility