What do our customers say?



– Lukman Hakim Dereinda

Max Boegl Group

For major projects particularly, with iTWO we have one system for all users in the field of cost calculation. This reduces errors and creates greater transparency for those involved. We can also process multiple bids at the same time. This will also benefit us financially in the future.
— Brian Whealing, Construction Manager


PARR Alliance

iTWOcx has been nothing short of excellent and everyone using the system on the project is very happy. In terms of communication, the central repository has been invaluable. You are able to find everything you need every time.
— Louise Gardner, Project Services Manager

McConnell Dowell

Working with iTWOcx is time effective. It provides a common base of information in which many people can tap into securely. iTWOcx certainly makes correspondence to and from clients and subcontractors easy and efficient.
— Jim Frith, Project Manager

Saville Australia

I don’t have to worry about any variations and everyone works off the same spreadsheet. It is a fully automated system. Once the initial set up is complete - it manages itself.
— Anthony Finn, Project Manager

One Build

iTWOcx has simplified our project administration between consultants, subcontractors, and our clients by keeping a dated easily accessible record of documents and emails sent. Being a web-based system, our site staff have found it invaluable as a tool to run the projects.
— Brian Whealing, Construction Manager