Release Notes: Tenders, Search on Lists and More

Release Notes: Tenders, Search on Lists and More


The iTWOcx Product Team are delighted to announce our first major release of 2019. This release includes significant improvements to our Tenders module, in addition to several key additions to our core platform.

This release will be rolled out across existing projects over the next month. Should your team require early access to these features, please contact our Support team on 1300 653 420.

Below are some of the most notable features available in this release. For a complete list of Release Notes, please follow this link.



The Tenders Module has been upgraded in many areas to support the growing needs of our clients. Key improvements include:

  • Integrated Pre-Package Approval Processes

  • The Ability to Define Returnable Schedules

  • Addition of Bid Evaluation Reports

  • The Ability to Shortlist and Request for a Best and Final Offer

Integrated Approval Processes for Package Creation

28-05-2019 2-51-15 PM.png

iTWOcx users will be able to customise their procurement strategy to include an Approval Process prior to package creation, in a new feature built directly into the Tenders module. Users can now leverage highly collaborative form workflows and link directly with financials and the Tenders database to support Level of Authority (LOA) requirements.

28-05-2019 2-54-48 PM.png

Define Returnable Schedules

28-05-2019 3-00-49 PM.png

This release allows users to request that bidders complete a Defined Returnable Schedule (Price Submissions, Schedule of Rates and Scope of Works). These sections can be filled out during package creation, and iTWOcx project managers can now make completed schedules a prerequisite for bidders looking to submit.


Bid Evaluation Reports

Our latest release gives users the power to compare bids against internally defined schedules, as well as process post-contract changes directly during the bid evaluation process.


Shortlisting Bidders

iTWOcx now supports the shortlisting of bidders, and grants users the ability to ask for a Best and Final offer. Once you are happy with the offer made, simply issue the contract directly to your chosen bidder when awarding the package.


Publication Space

Improved Options for Workflow Administration

Workflow administrators are now able to delegate tasks, as well as skip workflow steps as they see fit.


Print Revisions

Our improved print tool makes it easy to download design issues and layers as a PDF file when required.


Core Product Improvements

Search on Lists

With this release, iTWOcx users are able to search on the list control. You can add columns from the list to your search results, apply inline edits or even create saved searches for future use.


Coordinate User Fields

This feature allows for the capture of GPS coordinates during form creation within the iTWOcx mobile app.

28-05-2019 3-09-28 PM.png

The features above do not cover the full scope of improvements and refinements made available with this release.

For a complete list of Release Notes, please follow this link.

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A Closer Look at MTWO: How Our Vertical Cloud Solution Works Across Multiple Project Levels

A Closer Look at MTWO: How Our Vertical Cloud Solution Works Across Multiple Project Levels

Major project management is a complex proposition for all parties involved, especially if they don’t have the right tools at their disposal. Fortunately, enterprise solutions that drive improved collaboration and efficiency across different project levels are now available.

In 2018, RIB and Microsoft joined forces to deliver MTWO, the world’s #1 vertical cloud solution for construction and real estate industries. With more than 100 integrated modules available in a cloud-based system, MTWO redefines what is possible in project management.

For our latest blog post, we have explained how contractors, developers and owners can all take advantage of MTWO for improved project outcomes.

Efficient Communication Among Contractors

Real-time project control is a valuable advent for project contracting. Contractors subscribed to MTWO have access to the advanced Mobile Control Tower, which aggregates and graphically displays project KPIs based on real-time data. Knowing exactly where you stand with regard to set goals is a valuable tool for assigning work and generally staying on track.

When it comes to managing day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, MTWO's enterprise management capability ensures that all parties have access to the right information to fulfil their role. The Scheduling module is one of many other functionalities that contractors can take advantage of; it allows contractors to structure a plan-of-action for themselves or their team, with a range of graphics available to accurately measure progress.

Improved Collaboration and Data Analytics for Developers

For developers, having all project stakeholders working together on a single platform is helpful for collaboration. Developers are required to liaise quickly and effectively with a number of stakeholders, from contractors through to suppliers. MTWO’s vertical cloud solution enables real-time collaboration between all involved parties over an entire project lifecycle. The days of missed emails and communication oversights causing avoidable delays are behind us with advanced collaborative platforms. Developers utilising MTWO can expect to reduce change orders and rework, eliminate unnecessary delays in communication and enhance productivity.

As for managing ROI, developers have many powerful modules at their disposal within MTWO. Subscribers have access to a wealth of 5D BIM construction and capital simulations throughout a project lifecycle, several of which can even be utilised in the planning phase. For those who are unaware, 5D BIM refers to the connection of a 3D BIM design with time and cost considerations. This additional data allows developers to optimise their project by comparing multiple 5D project scenarios.

Cost Control and Management Benefits for Owners

Project owners are increasingly turning toward cloud solutions and subscription-based platforms to cut hardware and IT costs. There is comfort in knowing exactly how much of a budget can be allocated to project management technology, and MTWO integrates all necessary modules in a single program. MTWO represents a scalable solution for owners looking to avoid wasted expenditure, with options available to suit a range of project sizes.

Another primary cost consideration that owners need to be proactive on is supply chain management. MTWO supports owners from a project cost perspective by enabling built-to-order production based on demand. Our powerful platform means specific procurement plans can be arranged earlier than was previously possible; accurate quantities and delivery plans can be locked in based upon virtual construction. Logistically, this can make the construction phase of a build progress much more smoothly.

MTWO empowers project owners to strive for just-in-time production and delivery, so as to avoid unnecessary costs due to inventory and storage. This means owners can be more confident that their planned budget will not be exceeded due to avoidable oversights and last-minute changes.   

To learn more about how an MTWO subscription can streamline your entire project management process, feel free to reach out to our Sydney team on (02) 9420 8266 or contact us online.

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