RIB Group signs an agreeent to implement VDC solution iTWO 5D with the German subsidiary of the French Eiffage Group

RIB Group signs an agreeent to implement VDC solution iTWO 5D with the German subsidiary of the French Eiffage Group

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After the 12 Phase II licence deal-Joint Venture with an international contract manufacturer, RIB Software AG has concluded a Phase II agreement with Eiffage Infra-Bau GmbH for the implementation of the iTWO technology in the area of infrastructure management for the whole enterprise group. The Eiffage Infra-Bau GmbH generates an overall performance of EUR 526 million with more than 2,000 employees per year. Eiffage Infra-Bau GmbH and RIB are going to introduce the high standard of 5D end-to-end iTWO technology in the planning and implementation of construction and infrastructure projects throughout the whole company.

Michael Sauer, CFO of RIB Software AG explains: “We’re looking forward to a further partnership founded on trust with one of the most important providers in the European construction/infrastructure market. Just as we have already very successfully implemented with other major clients, together we want to create the preconditions for realising high added-value potential through the highly efficient management of construction processes, especially in the area of civil engineering and road construction with the help of the iTWO platform technology for the infrastructure management.”

About Eiffage Group

The French Eiffage Group generated a turnover of EUR 13.9 billion in 2015 with 64,093 employees. The 2,000 employees of the Eiffage Infra-Bau GmbH achieved total revenues of more than EUR 500 million in 2015. Eiffage Infra-Bau GmbH heads the business division Eiffage Rail as well as the subsidiaries Eiffage Infra-Bau OWL, Faber Bau, Heinrich Walter Bau, MDM Infra-Lärmschutz and Wittfeld with projects in its German core market, but also abroad in Europe and Asia. As a provider of planning and construction services, as well as a producer of building materials, the company group has been established for many years in the construction of transport routes as well as structural and civil engineering. Further information: www.eiffage.infra-bau.de

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Withdraw, Cancel, Re-Issue Tender Packages and other great additions

Withdraw, Cancel, Re-Issue Tender Packages and other great additions

In the August Release of iTWOcx, we are introducing a bunch of great tools for our Tender Admins.

Here they all are in no particular order


Withdraw a Package

There has been a growing need for iTWOcx Tender Admins to be able to Withdraw a package after it has been issued. Whether the package was sent erroneously or your organisation's circumstances have changed, now you can do this with minimum effort.

We've added a Withdraw button on the Package Progress tab that is accessible to

  • The Author of the Package

  • Tender Admins


To Withdraw a package, just click on the Withdraw button. This will take you to a screen explaining what happens when the package is Withdrawn.

You can also add your own custom note to be sent to the Bidders explaining the reason for the package being Withdrawn. It is that simple.

Here is a sample of the Email your Bidders will receive


In case you are wondering what does happen to a package when it's Withdrawn; it get's neatly tucked away from the default view of the Tenders Dashboard.

But you can always find it by searching for Packages in a Withdrawn Status.

Cancel a Package

What about a Package that has not been issued yet? Same difference. Just click on Edit on the Draft Package on your Tenders Dashboard, and you will have the option to Cancel the Package.

Tender Admins and the Package Author will have access to this option.

Re-Issue a Package

Should you change your mind after Withdrawing a package, or you simply Withdrew the package to add additional details, you can  now Re-Issue it.

Just search for Packages in a Withdrawn Status.


On the list of Withdrawn Packages, click on Summary to open the Package.


Here you will have the option to Re-Issue the Package. Just click on the Button and follow the prompts.

You can optionally add a message to be sent out to the Bidders on the Package. 

Re-Issuing a Package will re-activate access to that package for the Active Bidders on the package.

Quick access to Bidder details within a Package

Another useful addition to Tenders is the ability to quickly access a Bidders contact details from within a Package.

Just click on the Bidders name and a contact card for that Bidders company will pop up with all their details!




More space to add your Comments

A bugbear in iTWOcx has always been that the area you get to add a comment when responding to a Form has been too small.

We've addressed that in this release. Now you have plenty of space to communicate and collaborate easier with the rest of your iTWOcx Project Members.

We hope this makes your daily iTWOcx experience much smoother.


We hope you enjoy all the additions in this release.

iTWOcx Product Team signing off!

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New weekly training webinar for iTWOcx

New weekly training webinar for iTWOcx

RIB Software is pleased to introduce our new weekly training webinar for iTWOcx.

This training program is aimed towards first time or casual users and is designed to give participants a solid grounding in the basics of iTWOcx.

We hope that you find this useful for users on your projects. Feel free to forward the registration link to colleagues or sub-contractors that may be interested.

Please register for iTWOcx Introductory Training which will be held each Thursday at 1:00 PM EST at:


Name: iTWOcx Introductory Training
Duration: 30 minutes with questions at the end

- Introduction to iTWOcx
- Logging in and Navigation
- Creating and Managing Correspondence Documents
- Using the Document Register
- Basic Searching
- Questions

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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iTWOcx July Release

iTWOcx July Release

Locked Box (Closed Box) Tendering

iTWOcx Tenders now supports Closed Box Tendering. Here is how it works on iTWOcx

When a package is created you can set it up by as a Locked Box tender by ticking the Locked Box Tender tick box on the Package Details tab.


Once you fill out the other mandatory information and issue the package, the Tender Submissions by the Bidders will be locked (cannot be viewed) until the Package Close Date/Time has passed.

Tender Submission access will be locked from;

  • Tender Submission Notifications
  • Package History links
  • Package Progress Tab

Once the Package Close Time has passed you will be able to access the Tender Submissions by the Bidders.


For Project and Tender Admins

You can configure the Locked Box Tender as a default option from the Tender Module Configuration page.

If this option is ticked, all packages created from that point will have the Locked Box option turned on by default. You can always override it by unticking it on a package by package basis.


Bidder Mobile Number Details on Package

A bidders mobile number can now be seen in;

  • Select Bidder tab of a package
  • Tender Manage Database
  • Bidder Company Contact List

The mobile column will also be included when a package it exported to excel.


Lists on Forms now support Multi-line text

With this release of iTWOcx the List functionality; commonly used in the Quality Module forms such an ITP, will support multi-line text.

You will now be able to import multi-line data from excel directly into your ITP forms without losing the line breaks. Manually typed in line breaks are also supported.

Please note that Rich text formatting will not be supported.



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RIB signs iTWO 5D contract with fast-growing Finnish general contractor FIRA

RIB signs iTWO 5D contract with fast-growing Finnish general contractor FIRA

RIB Group, the world’s leading provider of 5D BIM Big Data technology for the construction industry, today announced the conclusion of a phase II deal with Finnish contractor FIRA.

FIRA is one of the fastest growing builders in Scandinavia and according to an article made by London Stock Exchange holding company (LSEG) one of 20 boosting companies from Finland out of 1000 companies creating substantial economic growth.

The aim for FIRA is to integrate the supply chain through utilization of iTWO 5D end-to-end, meaning more collaboration amongst the project stakeholders early on to identify and eliminate risk, increase productivity and share knowledge in order to optimise the build virtually before physical execution.

“iTWO 5D will allow us to integrate our processes and stakeholders much better in order to deliver more value to our clients. This combined with a new business model will support our strategy and future growth targets,” said Jussi Aho, CEO of FIRA Oy.

“During the past 6 months we have developed a new business model and met with other iTWO partners, and we are looking forward to continuing the transformation of the construction industry with iTWO 5D as core of our end-to-end business system connecting BIM with procurement, financial information, master data, field tools to build an integrated system for our stakeholders in our supply chain,” said Otto Alhava, CIO of FIRA OY.  

"The core capabilities of RIB and iTWO, namely New Thinking, New Technology and New Working Methods are rapidly changing the construction industry globally. I am proud to see how our technology and know-how supports the transformation of our partners into building virtually before physically like automotive and other advanced industries, and how they use technology and core capabilities to eliminate risk instead of distributing risk. This secures higher productivity and better results for their partners and clients," said Mads Bording, Deputy Board Member of RIB Group.

”We are very happy to see a global trend of building virtually before physically and how the Nordic market is taking a leading role in the transformation of the construction industry from a traditional to an advanced industry”, said Michael Sauer, Executive Board Member of RIB Group.

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RIB Group and global consultancy Wipro Ltd. partner to form global alliance

RIB Group and global consultancy Wipro Ltd. partner to form global alliance

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RIB Group has announced a global alliance with Wipro Ltd. (NYSE:WIT), a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company. Wipro will leverage RIB’s iTWO software suite to provide a spectrum of services, ranging from consulting, implementation and managed services to formulating and executing strategy, all with a view to monitor and improve efficiency in the Energy, Utilities, and Engineering & Construction industries. 

Wipro and RIB intend to establish a strategic partnership cooperation to jointly transform the global construction industry into the most advanced industry in the world by iTWO new thinking, new working and new technology and Wipro’s technology expertise and portfolio of services. RIB provides the world’s leading web-based 5D BIM iTWO technology and Wipro provides consulting, systems integration and professional services to global clients over Wipro’s and RIB’s network. Wipro's competencies in delivering end-to-end BIM solutions combined with RIB’s market-leading innovative iTWO 5D BIM construction management solution, will widen the scope and scale of visualization solutions offered to customers.

Commenting on the partnership, Sahadev Singh, Vice President and Global Head – Engineering & Construction, Wipro Limited said, "BIM Data Visualization enables faster and better decision making for E&C businesses and that is the reason why organizations across the globe are investing in newer and more sophisticated BIM enabled construction Management solutions that incorporate visualization tools. RIB iTWO is a great platform. Wipro's BIM & VDC digital transformations offerings for engineering and construction industry, powered by RIB iTWO platform, coupled with our global services network and implementation expertise will help us to deliver increased value and higher ROI to our customers."

"With this strengthened alliance, we are focused on building and delivering solutions and services that are the foundation for the deep insight necessary to make the promise of agile business a reality."

Commenting on the partnership, Thomas Wolf, Chief Executive Officer RIB Group said, “Innovation Transformation Management is the supreme discipline and the key for a successful iTWO implementation. We have chosen Wipro as our global partner because Wipro is named as the world’s most ethical company in 2016 and we believe in strategic partnerships with global visionaries combined with strong and fast acting top management. iTWO stands for the integration of the TWO worlds, the virtual into the real world. The joined iTWO Technology and Wipro IT services offer enables our society now to contribute faster to build the next generation of cities and infrastructure suitable for the digital and knowledge age needs.  My target is to build together with the Wipro team a 1000 thought leader iTWO social community in the next years to support our children with the next generation of living."

About Wipro Ltd.

Wipro Ltd. (NYSE:WIT) is a leading information technology, consulting and business process services company that delivers solutions to enable its clients do business better. Wipro delivers winning business outcomes through its deep industry experience and a 360 degree view of "Business through Technology.” By combining digital strategy, customer centric design, advanced analytics and product engineering approach, Wipro helps its clients create successful and adaptive businesses. A company recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services, strong commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship, Wipro has a dedicated workforce of over 160,000, serving clients in 175+ cities across 6 continents. For more information, please visit www.wipro.com

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RIB signs large iTWO contract with leading UAE contractor

RIB signs large iTWO contract with leading UAE contractor

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RIB Group has just concluded a Phase II Agreement with Al Rostamani Pegel, one of the leading General Contractors in the United Arab Emirates, to increase the use of iTWO Technology for their construction division Al Rostamani Pegel (ARP).

Under this agreement, Al Rostamani will use the iTWO 5D platform from pre-contract and tendering functionalities into post contract and multi-project execution with full integration to their ERP system, leveraging iTWO’s advanced project cost controlling and reporting capabilities where all project data is connected, analysed and reported in “real time” under one single source of truth.

Al Rostamani Pegel is a leading name in the UAE Construction Industry with a rich and very successful history, focusing on unique multipurpose high rise buildings, hotels, hospitals, industrial facilities, and other vertical construction. Its highly qualified and experienced staff together with a skilled workforce, adopt modern construction technologies, top notch quality management systems, and leading IT solutions to improve their business processes

Mr. Chris Williams, Managing Director of RIB Middle East, stated that: “We are delighted to have innovative clients such as Al Rostamani Pegel as technology partners with the vision to recognize that the use of the RIB iTWO 5D Big Data platform will greatly enable them to improve their productivity, reduce costs, time and risk and also improve profitability. We are making a big step in supporting leading Middle East contractors to run their construction business in an integrated end-to-end platform and further integrated to their ERP systems. We are confident to continuously fulfil the expectations from our partners, and to strengthen our market leader role in integrated 5D Big Data solutions for construction.

Mr. Hulusi Sogutlu, Vice President for RIB Software Asia PAC & Middle East, stated that: “We are proud to be associated with a company that understands the benefits of iTWO and its 5D Big Data Technology, and has the vision to keep moving forward as this technology evolves. We consider Al Rostamani Pegel to be a valuable Strategic Partner in this journey.”

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iTWOcx March 2016 Release

iTWOcx March 2016 Release

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In the March release of iTWOcx we have introduced a few changes related to the Tenders Module along with a number of other enhancements to the product.


Create Tender Package from a Transmittal

From this release you will also be able able to create a Tender package directly from a Transmittal. To do so, simply;

  1. Open a Transmittal
  2. Select the documents you would like to add to the package
  3. Click on the ... button
  4. Select Create Tender Package


This will automatically create the package for you and provide you with a link to access it.


Create a Tender package directly from the Register

With this feature you will be able to add Register Documents to the basket and create a tender package directly from within the Register.

  1. First add the documents you want to issue on a package to the Basket
  2. Then click on the Create Tender Package button within the basket



This will pop up a message to let you know when the package has been created with a link directly to the package


Tender Package History enhancements 

Packages History will now capture any time a package or bid has been viewed. 


Export the contact list to Excel

 You can now export the entire contact list and all the user details to excel.

To export;

  1. Go to the Contacts list by Clicking on the Contacts icon in the Project Bar
  2. On the toolbar at the bottom of the screen click Export to Excel
  3. The contact list will be exported to excel




Updates to the Document list layout and Sorting

The default document list layouts and sorting have been updated with the following changes

  • Added the Modified date Column to the layout 
  • Added Issued Date to the layout
  • Removed Date Created column


Sorting from Main Menu

When you click on a document type from the Menu it will now be sorted by Issued Date in Descending order.


Sorting when Searching

When you search for a Correspondence document the documents will be sorted by Modified Date in Descending order.


When you search for a Transmittal document the documents will be sorted by Issued Date in Descending order.


These updates will be rolled out over the course of this month and early April.

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