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iTWOcx March 2016 Release

iTWOcx March 2016 Release

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In the March release of iTWOcx we have introduced a few changes related to the Tenders Module along with a number of other enhancements to the product.


Create Tender Package from a Transmittal

From this release you will also be able able to create a Tender package directly from a Transmittal. To do so, simply;

  1. Open a Transmittal
  2. Select the documents you would like to add to the package
  3. Click on the ... button
  4. Select Create Tender Package


This will automatically create the package for you and provide you with a link to access it.


Create a Tender package directly from the Register

With this feature you will be able to add Register Documents to the basket and create a tender package directly from within the Register.

  1. First add the documents you want to issue on a package to the Basket
  2. Then click on the Create Tender Package button within the basket



This will pop up a message to let you know when the package has been created with a link directly to the package


Tender Package History enhancements 

Packages History will now capture any time a package or bid has been viewed. 


Export the contact list to Excel

 You can now export the entire contact list and all the user details to excel.

To export;

  1. Go to the Contacts list by Clicking on the Contacts icon in the Project Bar
  2. On the toolbar at the bottom of the screen click Export to Excel
  3. The contact list will be exported to excel




Updates to the Document list layout and Sorting

The default document list layouts and sorting have been updated with the following changes

  • Added the Modified date Column to the layout 
  • Added Issued Date to the layout
  • Removed Date Created column


Sorting from Main Menu

When you click on a document type from the Menu it will now be sorted by Issued Date in Descending order.


Sorting when Searching

When you search for a Correspondence document the documents will be sorted by Modified Date in Descending order.


When you search for a Transmittal document the documents will be sorted by Issued Date in Descending order.


These updates will be rolled out over the course of this month and early April.

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iTWOcx January 2016 Release

iTWOcx January 2016 Release

Happy 2016 iTWOcx users!

In the January release of iTWOcx we have introduced a number of enhancements to our Tendering module to streamline Trade / Bidder creation and Tender Database Management processes. 

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Document Review workflows coming soon to CX

Document Review workflows coming soon to CX

We've been a bit radio silent since December, this being our first post since the Holiday period, but not because we've been taking it easy. Instead, we've been beavering away with some great new functionality to improve your document management experience by introducing new workflows for document reviews.

Check out the release brochure for the May Release

Document Review Workflows allow you to automatically send documents on a predetermined route to the relevant people that need to review them. Each reviewer has their own interface to view, download and review the documents as well as tools to bulk update, delegate, and upload mark ups.

Reviewing Documents


Documents for you to review will be issued to you on a Workflow Transmittal. This is a special type of transmittal form with a interface designed for performing reviews on a set of documents.

Reviewing tools


Bulk update will allow you to apply a review to many items at once. You can also apply a single mark up to many items using this tool. Really useful if you have many identical files in the review.


Delegate will allow you to pass some of your documents to a colleague for them to review. The workflow will move on to the next step once all items are reviewed


Bulk Upload Mark ups is a super handy feature for reviewers than have many mark ups to upload. Rather than having to individually upload each mark up you can upload a zip containing your marked up files and the system will automatically extract and match them to the corresponding documents in the review.

Reporting on Document Reviews

As well as great tools for the reviewer, we've added a Document Review dashboard in the Document Register so you can see all the important information about the progress of your workflows at a glance.


This dashboard also contains a report especially for Document Reviews so you can drill into which step and with who each review is at.


Document Review Workflows are a part of a free upgrade and will be available on all projects, all you have to do is start creating workflows. Learn more about Document Reviews and how to create workflows.

More Improvements in this release

Quality Management

Now, to save you time, when creating child tasks from within the list of items to be completed for a work lot the system will automatically populate information from that row on the newly created Action Point, Test Request or Survey Request.

Administrators Please Note: For this functionality to work, the userfield codes must match on both documents

Send reminders

You can now configure the system to automatically send reminders a set number of days before the due date. This reminder will added as a comment on the document and notify Author and Action based on their settings.

Improved language and special character support

We've introduced more language support for our German and Danish customers. Along with this support we've added better support and validation for special characters.

Improved Preview support

You'll notice a massive improvement in the formats that we can now generate preview/thumbnails of throughout out the system, and in particular from dashboard lists which show large previews of files.

Complete list of supported files is now: JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, PDF, DWG, DWF, PLT, DGN, DXF, SVG, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, RTF, XPS, MSG, TXT, HTM, HTML

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iTWOcx Mobile June Release

The latest iTWOcx Mobile release introduces a number of new features that will make your Mobile experience a lot more user friendly and intuitive.

All-New Document List Layout

Doc List view


The list layout has been upgraded to include key document information allowing the user to identify a documents Title, Status, Due Date and current Action user instantly.

This layout is now available on your Notification List as well as all iTWOcx Mobile supported Document Type lists.





Drag and Drop Document Addressing

[video width="238" height="500" mp4=""][/video]

Document Addressing has gotten a complete redesign and you can now move users between the Action and Info using Drag and Drop functionality.

Watch this short demo of the feature.

Newly Added Users



In addition, any new users who are added to a document are highlighted in Bold lettering prior to document submission.






Removing users




And you can remove any of these new user with a single tap on the users name and clicking on the cross.




Streamlined App Updates

[video width="238" height="500" mp4=""][/video]

You can now use the standard iOS gesture of drag and release to trigger synchronization with your iTWOcx Project. This allows you to quickly and easily synchronise a part of the app without needing to trigger a full synchronisation with your iTWOcx Project

These specific synchronisations will be faster, saving the user time, and is consistent with the standard mechanism to update iOS apps.

This feature is available on the following pages Notification List Document Lists Modules Favorites

Find Documents Faster

[video width="238" height="500" mp4=""][/video]

A keyword search bar has been added to Document and Notification Lists.

You can now can quickly filter a document list based on keyword searching on Document Titles. Watch this short demo of the feature.


Keyword searching is only supported for Title User cannot save or Pin a list based on a keyword search they have performed

Automatic Titles

In iTWOcx we can automatically generate titles for a new document based upon what a user selects in userfields.

This allows you to have consistent titles and save time when logging the information.

For example, in a Safety assessment document you might configure the Risk level(Catastrophic, Major, Moderate, Minor, Low), Location (Building/Level/Room) and Likelyhood (Certain to occur, Very likely, Possible, Unlikely, Rare)

to be the title, so when the assessor logs the information your title would look something like this

CAT- A/L1/R01 - CERT

Giving you a quick summation of that assessment in the title, so you know what to focus on first.

This functionality is know as Automatic Titles, and now it's available on iTWOcx Mobile.

Notes Currently iTWOcx Mobile only supports displaying the Code of the Userfield value.

AutoTitle Creation

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