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Document Review workflows coming soon to CX

Document Review workflows coming soon to CX

We've been a bit radio silent since December, this being our first post since the Holiday period, but not because we've been taking it easy. Instead, we've been beavering away with some great new functionality to improve your document management experience by introducing new workflows for document reviews.

Check out the release brochure for the May Release

Document Review Workflows allow you to automatically send documents on a predetermined route to the relevant people that need to review them. Each reviewer has their own interface to view, download and review the documents as well as tools to bulk update, delegate, and upload mark ups.

Reviewing Documents


Documents for you to review will be issued to you on a Workflow Transmittal. This is a special type of transmittal form with a interface designed for performing reviews on a set of documents.

Reviewing tools


Bulk update will allow you to apply a review to many items at once. You can also apply a single mark up to many items using this tool. Really useful if you have many identical files in the review.


Delegate will allow you to pass some of your documents to a colleague for them to review. The workflow will move on to the next step once all items are reviewed


Bulk Upload Mark ups is a super handy feature for reviewers than have many mark ups to upload. Rather than having to individually upload each mark up you can upload a zip containing your marked up files and the system will automatically extract and match them to the corresponding documents in the review.

Reporting on Document Reviews

As well as great tools for the reviewer, we've added a Document Review dashboard in the Document Register so you can see all the important information about the progress of your workflows at a glance.


This dashboard also contains a report especially for Document Reviews so you can drill into which step and with who each review is at.


Document Review Workflows are a part of a free upgrade and will be available on all projects, all you have to do is start creating workflows. Learn more about Document Reviews and how to create workflows.

More Improvements in this release

Quality Management

Now, to save you time, when creating child tasks from within the list of items to be completed for a work lot the system will automatically populate information from that row on the newly created Action Point, Test Request or Survey Request.

Administrators Please Note: For this functionality to work, the userfield codes must match on both documents

Send reminders

You can now configure the system to automatically send reminders a set number of days before the due date. This reminder will added as a comment on the document and notify Author and Action based on their settings.

Improved language and special character support

We've introduced more language support for our German and Danish customers. Along with this support we've added better support and validation for special characters.

Improved Preview support

You'll notice a massive improvement in the formats that we can now generate preview/thumbnails of throughout out the system, and in particular from dashboard lists which show large previews of files.

Complete list of supported files is now: JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, PDF, DWG, DWF, PLT, DGN, DXF, SVG, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, RTF, XPS, MSG, TXT, HTM, HTML

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Happy Holidays, and a happy new year!

RIB-Software has had a great year with many opportunities and challenges. This year we've been very fortunate to have worked on some incredible projects with some really amazing talented people.

Driven to innovate, we’ve pushed the envelope of possibilities, helped many with new and often daunting technology, and assisted team collaboration in new ways and workflows -- and we’ve learnt many things along the way!

We've much to be grateful for.

We wish you a warm & wonderful festive season, and may you and your family be safe and happy.

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New Features for CX Tenders

Since the Tenders Release in August we've been gratefully receiving your positive feedback , and the majority of the comments we've received have focussed on how easy it is to use. Whilst the development team would have loved a bit of a rest (especially since 3 of us became proud parents! ), we didn't stop there. So strap in for an epic variety of new features and improvements coming your way in December!

Bulk create packages

The new bulk create feature will allow you to select multiple trades and create many packages at once.


The newly created packages will sit in NOT ISSUED status until you are ready to add documents and select bidders.

Package History Export to pdf

Keeping logs of all activity on a package is even easier now that you can export the history to pdf format for your archive or reporting needs.


New History Tab in Bidder Page

Bidders are now able to see all of their activity on the package with the introduction of the History tab on their Bidder page.


So now a bidder can access all of the information they have submitted, like a bid, as well as the record of all their interactions with this package.

Bidder Intends to Respond

We got feedback from you that whilst it was great that a you could see when a bidder viewed or withdrew from a package, what you really needed was to know if they were interested in submitting a bid.


To provide this we modified the bidders page so that when they first access package they can click "Intend to Respond" or "Not Interested".


Their selection will update your Tender dashboard and the Package Summary page. That way you'll know if you need to add more bidders to the package.


View Previous bids

You can now see a list of previous bid submitted by a bidder when viewing  the current bid.


Awarding - Unsuccessful Bidders

You can now choose to send unsuccessful bidders an email after you have awarded a package notifying them that they did not win. This option is available at the time of awarding and comes with prepared text that you can edit before sending.

Award Bidder - Unsuccessful Message

When you click Award the unsuccessful bidders will receive an email containing the unsuccessful text.


Along with the new features we made some changes to the existing functionality based on your feedback.

Filtering Packages

Filtering Packages in the Tender dashboard is more accessible with new filter tool for each column.


Issuing a saved package - Add confirmation

We've added a confirmation step when you click Issue on saved packages within the tender dashboard to prevent you accidentally issuing packages.

Allow bidders to submit after close date

Previously, once the close date on a package had passed,  bidders would no longer have access to their bidder page. Now, that’s an option you can set at a project or package level.

Enforce close date at Project Level

Enforcing the close date option - at the Project level (above) and at the package (below).

enforce package close

If you choose to not enforce the close date , the bidder will be able to download documents, ask questions and submit bids for up to 90 days after the package has closed.

Issuing addenda - Bulk Select new revision

The Smart addenda functionality lets you know when there are new revisions available for a package, and it's fantastic, but it lacked the ability to update all the documents on a package with the latest revision, leaving you select each one manually.

Select latest revision

Now you can tick the Select latest revision check box and all of the documents that have newer revisions will automatically select the latest version.

Tender Emails - Do Not Reply

To make sure bidders use their bidder page and you can track and capture all communications we've added a disclaimer to all Tender Emails warning the bidder to Do Not Reply to the email.

Tender email-Dont not reply warning

Create package – Added a close button

The package wizard was hard to navigate away from so we've added a large X to close the create package wizard.

Awarding - Project role

When awarding and choosing to add the successful bidder to the project you can now define their project role as part of the awarding process (e.g. Subcontractor, Supplier Consultant).


Simply make a select the role you want in the Awarded Company Role drop down.

Q & A - Estimator Thread - Show who it was sent to

When answering bidders you can now see who the response was sent to from within the thread.


Q & A - Named responders

Previously, when a user responded to a question the response would only show “You” as the responder. Now it will show the main contact’s name. If someone other than the main contact responds you will see their name on behalf of the main contact.

The new version will be available for most customers from December 3rd.

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