There never seems to be enough time to handle multiple documents, bidders and requests for information through the traditional tendering process.

The iTWOcx Tender Management module makes it exceptionally easy to distribute and manage unlimited tenders via the cloud. Our system makes transferring large documents to multiple recipients fast and reliable, with every interaction tracked so that users stay informed from start to finish.


An Intuitive and Efficient Online Bidder Portal

iTWOcx guides users through the process of creating a tender package, from choosing bidders to selecting documents and bidding databases. Tender invites are generated and distributed via email, with chosen bidders then able to visit a secure bidding page with all project descriptions and specifications in one place.

Users can download the attached documents, ask any questions they see fit and submit bids directly using the module.


Communicate with Bidders and Manage Changes with Ease

iTWOcx allows project managers and stakeholders to instantly view any outstanding queries from bidders that require a response.

The module captures all tender communication in threaded forums, so users always have a record of the discussions that have taken place. Smart addenda management identifies packages containing documents that have newer revisions and require updating - with only a few clicks, iTWOcx users can update the package and issue addenda to relevant bidders.


Win and Deliver in One

With iTWOcx, users can interact with the same cloud-based project website to tender and deliver jobs. Add awarded bidders directly into projects to keep all vital information in one place, from tender through to execution.


Effortless Document Integration That Saves Time

Tender Management is directly integrated with our Document Management module, so users can create packages with controlled documents that are already in the system. Don’t waste another dollar or minute managing complex tender documents and interactions the old fashioned way.

With all tender management data located in one intelligent system, managers and bidders can spend more time on what matters – getting the job awarded and completed.



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