It’s never been easier to accurately capture, analyse and report on your quality information for assured project close-outs. iTWOcx Quality Management provides a library for inspection and test plans (ITPs), enabling construction managers to seamlessly create, approve and modify quality objectives for a project.


A System That Guarantees Compliance

Work is managed through Work Lots, which are generated from relevant ITPs within the library. Each Work Lot contains a customisable checklist of quality requirements, allowing managers to identify that all work has been completed to the requisite standard.


Schedule Quality Deliverables

From each Work Lot, managers can assign quality requirements such as test requests, survey reports and witness points, and issue these to responsible parties.

Schedule and even apply a due date to each deliverable to ensure the right people are where they need to be at the right time.


Report on Progress

iTWOcx provides accurate reporting so users can track each of the quality requirements, as well as the status of individual Work Lots and the overall progress of the project.


Prove Completion with Confidence and Handle Non-Conformance

Quality forms link seamlessly to supporting documentation such as test reports, so managers can easily provide evidence for progress claims to ensure prompt payment. Users can record and track all non-conformance reports directly against Work Lots and resolve them with corrective actions, enabling a quicker close-out process.

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