Forget unsecured emails and clunky FTP sites; forget endless hard copies and overlooked revisions - there is now a smarter way to control and distribute your project documents.

iTWOcx offers a secure document management solution that provides unprecedented transparency. The core Document Management module makes it easy to share controlled files such as drawings, contracts, reports, schedules and more with relevant users via a cloud-based system that is accessible from anywhere. This is construction document and drawing management as it should be - intuitive, efficient and effortlessly accurate.


Control Access and Save on Management Time

iTWOcx eliminates the risk of working from outdated designs. The module makes it easy to set permissions on who can access, issue and update each document while the system tracks each interaction that occurs. Need to find a previous version? Not a problem – it’s archived and easy to find.

Users can issue new document revisions to project participants effortlessly with automatic distribution and transmittal generation. iTWOcx offers support for document review workflows, allowing for specific documents to be fast-tracked if necessary.


Track Activity, Maintain Security and Access Documents Wherever You Need

The Document Management module provides a full history of controlled documents, including downloads, amendments and distribution.

Files and their data can never be deleted, so users have a reliable and accurate audit trail should it ever be needed. iTWOcx Mobile enables participants to review controlled documents from any location. This means that every time users need to check a plan or schedule onsite, they will have the required information right at their fingertips.


Construction Document Management Tools, Built for Your Business

iTWOcx is designed specifically for the construction industry and can be tailored to meet individual specifications. There is no limit to what managers can store and share, from complex drawings to detailed reports. With automatic version control, cloud-based access and flexible settings, iTWOcx transforms construction drawing and document management into a dependable process. 

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