Resolve issues faster with agile defects management

It’s always been both time-consuming and ineffective to manage defects using paper forms or spreadsheets. Now there’s a better way.

iTWOcx Defects Management is designed to quickly capture, assign and track defects for rectification and efficiently manage them within one mobile and cloud based platform. This system makes it simple to share vital defect information in real time, with built-in tools to optimise accountability and accuracy across the board.


Capture issues quickly

Defects are easily captured onsite using the iTWOcx Mobile app, available on the iTunes app store.

Using your device you can quickly record all of the information needed to address the defect, saving time for all involved.


Picture the problem

Within Defects Management you can take photos of the defect, mark them up and link them directly from your device so there’s no confusion about what needs to be addressed.


Work online and offline

Capture defects anywhere, any time.

Even if your site is out of range, you can record defects using your mobile device and the database will automatically synchronise once you’re online again.


Real-time information

Whether you’re the project manager or the contractor fixing issues, iTWOcx’s role-based dashboards will provide invaluable up-to-the-minute data including assigned items and performance statistics.



Live contractor communication

Contractors assigned to defects can access information using the iTWOcx mobile app, or using their own defects portal via email link where they can update a defect’s status from any device.


Fully integrated system

Defects Management is fully integrated with the rest of iTWOcx, so you can link defects to other items such as RFIs, variations, claims and more to create a comprehensive information trail.


Complete defects history

iTWOcx captures every action related to every defect, so you’ll always know when items have been viewed or updated and there’ll be no doubt from any party as to what was required.

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