Effective communication and management across every project

On any one project there can be countless conversations, changes and requests for information. Losing track of just one vital interaction can rapidly lead to delays and cost variations. For efficiency and accountability, it makes sense to bring all project communication into one central system. With iTWOcx, formerly known as ProjectCentre, you can quickly capture, report and review project communications from anywhere. Our core Correspondence module synchronises teams and information while tracking every interaction, making it fast and easy to monitor how your projects are progressing in real time.

Find every detail, fast

Our forum-based system provides a ­reliable and real-time hub for correspondence across projects.

Unlike email, each issue is captured in its own designated forum for easy reference along with attachments, images and links to related items.



More evolved than email

Traditional email is unwieldy and uncontrollable. iTWOcx captures and stores all user activity including viewing, changes to fields, statuses and due dates, notification delivery receipts and previous versions.

You can:

  • Track issue progress
  • Add attachments of any size
  • Set due dates and receive automatic reminders

Aligned to your process

This system is custom-built for the construction industry and adapts to your workflow.

Add your own statuses and decide who can access them, and set your preferred pre-addressing and distribution rules.

Communication, your way

It’s easy to customise your team’s communication process.

Design your own layout and add customisable fields that assist in reporting, searching and identification of any time or cost implications.


Tailored access

Share your correspondence with the right people, every time.

Allow access to issues and conversations across your entire organisation, or restrict
permissions using a top-down hierarchy of directors, management and staff.

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