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iTWOcx, formerly known as ProjectCentre, is your ultimate web-based collaboration and management solution. Powerful modules combine to create adaptable construction management software supporting every facet of your operations, from managing tenders and contracts to capturing work hours and data in the field. 

Our tools are intuitive to use, built to grow with your business and scope, and sophisticated enough to support multi-billion dollar projects. With iTWOcx your organisation can utilise critical information to its absolute advantage in maximising efficiency and minimising delays.

Expect smarter workflows and more reliable knowledge transfer between teams, departments and companies.

What could clearer communication and greater control achieve for your business?



Capture and manage project information in a cloud-based forum style environment, allowing your teams to comment, track issues and report on time and cost impacts.

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Document Management

Ensure the right people have access to the right documents through a secure central sharing system with a comprehensive data trail.

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Contracts Administration

Create contracts, set up project budgets and manage claims, variations and payments easily, freeing up your resources and improving productivity.

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Easily create and monitor tenders. Plus manage responses from a central tenders dashboard, keeping your packages up to date with smart addend management.

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Defects Management

Capture defects onsite, assign to relevant trades and inspect the work to ensure nothing is missed.

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Quality Management

Ensure delivery to agreed quality standards, with digital ITP test requests, surveys and NCR.

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iTWOcx evolves to fit the way you work

Employ iTWOcx’s advanced features as a stand-alone solution, or experience its full potential with the complete RIB iTWO 5D Enterprise platform. The cloud-based construction management software enables your team to hit the ground running without the need for any expensive equipment or software installation. Plus, the iTWOcx application for your smartphone or tablet makes it simple to exchange information, resolve issues and manage projects on the go. This is the construction project management software businesses have long been looking for.

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