A Clear Overview of Site Progress, Wherever You Are

iTWO offers a powerful site management module that is purpose-designed for use on construction sites. Accessible by tablet, iTWO OnSite allows for 5D notebook visualisation that provides a graphical interface to link actual progress back to the project manager. This means project managers can perform onsite stage reporting of deliveries, work progress and other requirements.

All information that is entered onsite is synchronised to the iTWO central database. This ensures that scheduling, supplier management and controlling is not compromised by outdated information.

Boost Collaboration with iTWO OnSite

Construction site managers can also use iTWO OnSite, viewing planned tasks and making prompt updates when certain jobs are completed. The iTWO Site Management module is being expanded to support the integration of onsite inventory reporting into the iTWO enterprise solution. This update will ensure all information is fully up-to-date, further streamlining the site management process for all stakeholders.

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