A Comprehensive Scheduling and Project Management Module

iTWO users can map out every step of their planned construction process in detail, incorporating plans for elements used in BIM files as well as sequences, interdependencies and projected durations. Users are provided with full management control from start to finish, meaning budgets, resources and deadlines can be scheduled to suit specific requirements.

The estimating cost breakdown structure of a project can be mapped to both the cost-controlling breakdown and scheduling resource pool in iTWO. This integration ensures there is a direct link between all functions of the module, meaning users can control the scope and level of detail required on their project.

Avoid Errors and Trace Revisions

The iTWO Scheduling module avoids error-prone data mapping and is constantly updated as work progresses, allowing users to identify conflicts before they present to avoid unnecessary delays.

Combining Gantt chart scheduling with location-based planning through Line of Balance, iTWO ensures the project is structured optimally across locations and resources. The integrated module represents a complete solution for scheduling that can replace and improve upon existing software.

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