Automatic model-based takeoff saves time

iTWO's quantity takeoff is the link between your qualified BIM model and the quantities of different building objects you need to include in your planning.

Based on the verified BIM model data, iTWO produces a quantity takeoff (QTO) - a detailed measurement of materials and labour required to complete your construction project.

The QTO is key to your forward planning, as it forms the cornerstone of accurate scheduling and estimating.

The quantity takeoff is used to produce a BOQ (Bill Of Quantities) structure, ready for the detailed estimating process. 

The BOQ structure is based on the BOQ template you select from the master database catalogue and is fully configurable to match your internal template or even your client's preferred BOQ structure.

The combined model quantity takeoff in iTWO uses norm-based quantities.

Your object quantities are calculated based on local regulations, norms and standards to generate the most accurate planning volume possible.

This minimises the need for later adjustments, saving you time and making for a less error-prone process.

iTWO can even link your quantity takeoff from 2D drawings directly to the 3D model, saving your surveying team days of work normally needed to visualise the construction from 2D drawings.


The accuracy of the QTO is such that you can expect 80-90% of your final BOQ to be generated automatically. The time savings are phenomenal!

Furthermore, quantity amendments are logged during the process, providing you with full transparency throughout the project lifespan.

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