Easy and Accurate Quantity Takeoff Based on Verified Data

iTWO allows users to produce a quantity takeoff (QTO) automatically, based upon verified BIM file data. QTOs provide a detailed and accurate assessment of the materials and labour you will require to complete your construction project.

This assessment is key to your entire planning process, as it forms the basis for accurate scheduling and is used to produce a Bill of Quantities structure that supports your estimating process. iTWO users can choose from a number of BOQ templates based upon personal or client preference, with wide-ranging configuration options available.  

QTOs generated within iTWO utilise norm-based quantities. These figures are calculated based on local regulations and standards to inform the most accurate planning volume possible, minimising the number of revisions you can expect later in the process.

Link Quantity Takeoff from 2D Drawings to 3D Models

Designers often have to visualise construction based upon 2D drawings, but this process is streamlined within iTWO. Users can expect a QTO so accurate that 80-90% of the final Bill of Quantities is generated automatically, making for a far more efficient estimating process.

All amendments to quantities made during the process are recorded for posterity, allowing users to refer to revisions throughout the project lifespan for greater transparency.

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