Collaborate Efficiently to Secure Procurement Data

Securing contractor services and materials is a vital component of construction management, and iTWO supports this with a powerful and transparent procurement module. The module is integrated with ERP systems to provide additional data for planning and control.

Project stakeholders can collaborate during the procurement phase by sending templates or inviting bidding via the web platform. Bidders can set their pricing in specified data fields with each line item highlighted within the model, allowing them to see a clear link between the package being priced and the specific object in the model.

All offers are evaluated objectively, as client BOQs and calculated estimates are compared to incoming bids.


A Comprehensive Database for Future Procurement

Project managers who use iTWO are provided with a full matrix overview of incoming bids, prices and alternatives to support the decision-making process. All data involved in procurement is stored for posterity, allowing for a comprehensive database of suppliers, materials, costs and suitability for future projects. This commitment to the value of big data is what sets iTWO apart from other project management platforms.

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