A Fast, Reliable and Precise Costing Process

An efficient and accurate estimating process is integral to growing your business, and iTWO is designed to support users looking to get the job done quickly. Through model-based estimating, users are able to respond to clients with accurate information quicker than ever.

iTWO defines costs in detail, using model and classing-based views to break the cost structure down into specific details such as materials and resources. This support, alongside a range of other functionalities, allows users to replace other calculation software for a faster and more accurate costing process. The transition from bid estimate to job estimate is smoother and far less risky using iTWO, as the planned/actual comparison function built into the program allows users to view the project with greater clarity.

A Fully Integrated Workflow for Bills of Quantities

iTWO supports integrated workflows that are helpful for pre-construction visualisation, so users can draw upon all necessary information to advise clients with confidence. A BOQ structure can automatically be generated based upon the BIM file, allowing users to understand each and every object within a model and ensure accuracy in pre-construction planning. Within iTWO's estimating module, prices are added to the established BOQ structure to allow for both quantified and priced estimates. Users can also see each BOQ item presented on the same screen as the estimate, leading to reduced estimating times and improved communication of design intent.

The integrated structure of iTWO guarantees that all design iterations are automatically revised in estimates and BOQs. This gives the user greater confidence when optimising designs and leads to reduced construction risk overall.

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