Manage a Model from Design Through to Production

Take control of every aspect of your BIM files with iTWO’s quality assessment module, which allows for seamless data exchange in a variety of formats. Consolidate multiple design models, verify that all necessary information is supported and perform quality checks as required with pre-defined rules for validation.

Imported BIM files can be designed in any program without iTWO experience. Data can be imported into iTWO from a range of authoring tools including Revit, ArchiCAD, Tekla, MicroStation and more by way of a standard plugin.

Utilise IFC Format for Seamless Data Transfer

iTWO supports data transfer in native file format or IFC format, which is widely-used around the world. Design teams will not require iTWO experience or a license to participate in these exchanges, allowing for easier collaboration.

Due to advanced error and clash detection, the relationship between architectural and structural designs is well-established, helping users to optimise final building designs. Detailed clash reports that identify issues in both individual and combined models are available to iTWO users.

The iTWO BIM Quality Check module aims to ensure that all models are sufficiently detailed before production occurs. The range of pre-construction checks offered can lead to an 80% reduction in total change orders over the course of a project.

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