iTWO simulates the project virtually in 5D before it is realised physically at the construction site. 

Effective and informed decision-making, as-planned quality and real-time control benefit your project outcomes by more than 30%.  


Cutting edge 5D planning and execution

iTWO is a fully integrated solution spanning the whole lifecycle of asset creation projects, with an interactive Building Information Model (BIM) and digital engineering based graphics process that integrates planning and execution phases from end to end.

iTWO integrates traditional estimating, packaging, controlling and execution, revolutionary 5D capabilities (3D Integrated model + 4D time + 5D cost) and project collaboration into a single software platform. 

Virtual construction management is the future

According to leading owners, consultants and contractors, the future lies in virtual construction management. iTWO enables you to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of your projects in all phases and its visual presentation makes it much easier to interpret data and statistics.


Why choose iTWO?

BIM 3D Integration

iTWO integrates into your 3D BIM model and extracts quantities directly based on the design model. This enhances the estimating process, improves benchmarking validation and enables engineering option values to be quantified concurrently with design changes.

Quantity Management

Quantities can be linked directly to the production model and tracked as they are installed. Direct integration with scheduling and invoicing provides increased control in relation to time and cost management. 

Time Savings

Time gained from synergies and the integration of 3D designs, cost and time significantly enhances and enriches project data sets for all professional disciplines involved. Initial analyses by construction customers suggest time and cost savings potential of up to 30%.

Risk Reduction

iTWO makes managing complex projects more transparent and less risky. Risk reduction can be achieved by integrating planning and design decisions within the iTWO 5D software. 

Early Warning

Early warning of design errors starts with clash detection. iTWO identifies and alerts you to any clashes. This enables the commercial team to validate the design process prior to commencement on-site and seek early resolution to variations and changes.

Change Management

Changes to construction processes and the resulting changes to costs and deadlines can be easily and clearly performed using the model.

Traditionally, data is gathered and handled in separate information silos, an error-prone and time-consuming  practice.

Physical process without iTWO

iTWO's Big Data base stores and manages all information, creating ONE SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH with full transparency and traceability.


Virtual and physical processes become aligned and you maintain a full overview of your projects and assets at all time. Not only does this knowledge accumulation enable you to find the best possible solutions at optimised cost levels, decision-making is based on real-time information and control.

What do iTWO users say?

- Lukman Hakim Dereinda, Lendlease


It´s Your Industry That Counts

RIB is one of the world´s leading providers of turnkey software solutions. Our experience spans the AEC and EPC markets including Civil Infrastructure, Process and Energy, Manufacturing and Public Sectors, all of which are benefiting from successful projects managed with RIB software. 


In the design process, during construction and in operation: RIB offers individual solutions for all phases of a construction project.

Architects and engineers rely on RIB's budget preparation and tender processing as well as project management software solutions. Intelligent stress analysis and dimensioning systems ensure lasting success. 


Complex plant engineering demands maximum data availability and process security. As a universal software solution for costing, scheduling, cost estimating, tendering and project control, RIB sets a new standard in engineering and construction for: air, gas and water supply systems, heavy plants, power stations, petrochemical/chemical plants, hazardous waste plants, telecommunications plants, transport technology and shipbuilding.


By road, rail and air. Above and below the ground, RIB solutions establish reliable connections long before projects are completed. Similarly, in infrastructure management RIB links the data and information of all those participating in the design and the execution of the project: supported by transparent object-oriented design processing and the RIB's cost management system.

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